When my daughter stopped napping a couple years ago we instituted a QPT (Quiet Play Time) every afternoon. Usually she spends an hour playing with her toys in her room but lately she had been colouring pictures instead. 

She came up the other day, mid QPT, to show us her drawing. I was pretty sure I recognized what it was but I had to hear her say it. 

“Kidneys! The blue is the veins. If I drew them bigger they would be lungs.” 

I asked why she drew kidneys and she explained that she just liked them. I wasn’t surprised. She has loved her kidneys since she was three. She used to sing to them, she gives them water “to wash” and she has told me that they are beautiful. Anatomy is a big interest of hers but kidneys have always held a special place in her heart for some reason. 

So as she finished showing me her picture I said “Hey, I want to teach you a word. Can you repeat this?” 

“Sure mama.  What’s the word?”


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