Insta love

This is part of a series about Things I Love where I just share about things that make me happy.

Sometimes I feel too old and out of touch to get on board with new forms of social media so it has taken me a while but I finally joined Instagram. And I love it!

I find I often get home from a great vacation, or time with friends and realize I forgot to get any photos. Having an Instagram account motivates me to take pictures now.

And not just of the big stuff, but the small daily things. There are so many moments of small beauty in life that are under appreciated. I love that Instagram gives me a venue to highlight those slices of time.

It’s also a great way to keep up with what’s going on in other people’s lives. I don’t follow many people but the ones I do always bring me joy when I see little pieces of their day.

I try to post a photo each night before I go to bed. I scroll through my pictures from the day, delete the excess, and then choose one that is most representative of that day. It’s a nice reflective ritual before going to sleep.

So much of technology and connectedness actually separates us from those around us and from ourselves. Instagram has been really healthy for me both in terms of my connection to my own life, and to others.

I love it.

My handle on instagram is stressed_out_hippo in case you’d like to follow me there.

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