I’ve finally returned to work, after two years of disability leave. I attempted to return, part time, once before and it was a failure.  The stress and activity of work prompted my Myasthenia symptoms to change from just ocular to generalized. This time I’m hoping to avoid deterioration of my health which means I need to find a good balance between work and rest.  I haven’t quite figured it out yet but I’m getting there. So far, so good.  I’ve been gradually increasing my hours for the past month and will continue to increase over the next month. I’ll keep a close eye on myself to try not to overdo it. 

Part of finding balance is ensuring that my life still includes family and fun (rather than just rest and doctors) so this past weekend we took a little trip to Niagara Falls. Because we live far from our families of origin, most of our vacation time is spent travelling to visit extended family, but as our daughter gets older we are trying to carve out time to have adventures as a little family so that she has memories and traditions to look back on that are exclusively hers.

The trip was quick but good. We explored the waterfront in Kingston and then enjoyed a good long road trip with stories and questions and music.  We ate in a jungle and won tickets in a very noisy arcade.  We walked up the insanity that is Clifton Hill and stumbled through a funhouse full of obstacles.  We walked by the falls, listening to the roar of the water and feeling the spray on our faces.  We stayed in a hotel, high above the city, and we watched the view out the window and television with commercials (which still baffle our Netlix-raised daughter).  We went to the Niagara Parks Floral Showhome to see their Easter lilies which fill the building with fragrance. It was lovely. 

My parents often took us to Niagara Falls as children as it was only a couple hours from home.  Our weekends were very similar to this past one.  My  dad says that one of the joys of parenting is being able to relive childhood through your children’s eyes.  I experiences that this past weekend and he is right. What a joy to be able to share joy.  


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