Life outside

I saw a guy in the park by our house today practising martial arts style high kicks on the basketball court and it made me smile.

I love it when people live their lives outside in unusual ways. It’s like that feeling when you’re walking at night and you can see into people’s lit up houses and you get a glimpse of a whole internal world, maybe like yours but maybe not at all.

Our old house backed onto a big park and it felt like our own backyard. Evidently it felt that way to other people as well. I remember hearing strange music and going out on the balcony to see a guy practising on a wooden flute, like some sort of elf or fairy.

Another time there was a ninja moving through different stances with a long thin sword.

At the beach one day a bagpiper stood on a rock, playing loudly into the wind.

I love it all.

Exploring a small island a couple hours away from home this summer was a great way to live life outside.

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