Oh the places you’ll (not) go – (Monday’s are for Memories)

Every day of this isolation it seems I remember another place I’ve been. Some are familiar, routine locations that I’ll go back to when this is over while others are from my distant past; places I’ll never return.

Right now they all feel the same – distant and unreachable. I started making a list:

  • McDonald’s
  • EB games in the mall near my house.
  • The little pet store beside Blockbuster in Gatineau that we visited a couple times over a decade ago while renting movies with friends.
  • My grandma’s condo.
  • A roadside cowboy themed souvenir and western wear shop along the trans Canada highway where I bought a rabbit skin when I was 17.
  • McDonald’s.
  • My friends’ house where we like to cook together and wrestle with the kids.
  • The Baskin Robbins where I always order peanut butter chocolate ice cream.
  • My local yarn store that sells hand dyed wool and Soak woolwash which I am running low on.
  • The London Children’s museum that I went to as a child with my family and on field trips, and then brought my own daughter to many years later.
  • McDonald’s.
  • My office with its comfy ergonomic chair and people to talk to.
  • A Christmas store in Frankenmuth that had the most diverse selection of ornaments I had ever seen and the hotel we stayed at nearby when Eleanor was a little, just-barely-walking, baby.
  • Camping with my parents in our tent trailer on Lake Erie when I was a kid.
  • The library on our way home from school/work where we visit with our favourite librarians.
  • Straßburg, France where I saw a double decker carousel that included a giraffe in its selection of animals, and we went to an Italian restaurant that put shrimp and curry on their Hawaiian pizza.
  • McDonald’s
Me sitting on my couch knitting.
The only location safe right now – I’ve got my knitting and my home and my family, which is really all I need.

… I think I’ll make burgers for dinner.

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