Over on Instagram there’s a #fiberuary challenge, where participants are supposed to post a photo each day corresponding to a particular hashtag.

Today’s is #gratitude and when I started preparing a post I realized my caption was better suited to a blog post so here I am.

A woman stands against a white wall, wearing a hand knit sweater. The top and sleeves are sheer and fuzzy, pale green and aqua. The body is stripes in shades of blue, green, yellow and pink.

Thanks to my husband for the use of his camera and patience to get this shot. Thanks to my mom for the necklace which matches perfectly and the tank top underneath. This entire outfit cost me $6 and that was for the yarn.

I’m grateful for this Kidsilk Haze that I found at a thrift store for $4.

I’m grateful that this sweater finally worked out. I knitted the sleeves back in June and then tried to squeak a body out of the remaining yarn but it wasn’t quite enough.

I’m grateful that I found this coordinating Jawoll sock yarn at the thrift store in December and that one skein was just the right amount.

I’m grateful for the tiny spools of matching mending thread inside the Jawoll ball because it was the perfect weight to hold doubled with the kidsilk.

A closeup of the sweater showing off the different yarns.

Closeup you can see where I held both yarns together at the bottom edge, and also to soften the transition from the top to the main body.

More deeply, I’m grateful that I have time to knit. I’m privileged enough to have free time, and to have a family who doesn’t mind when I choose knitting over household chores. A closeup of a hand stitching together a sweater while in the background the floor is covered in piles of unfolded laundry.

Part of the reason I can knit so much is because I only work part time due to my illness. I’m grateful that I have an employer who was/is able to accommodate my limitations so well.

I’m grateful that no matter how bad I feel, no matter how weak my muscles are, I can still usually knit. I’m grateful for the sense of accomplishment it affords me when I feel like I’m failing at most everything else.

And I’m very grateful that the pain I described in my last post lifted after a week. It felt like waking up, breaking through the barrier between nightmare and reality. I woke up Saturday morning and felt whole again.

So much gratitude wrapped up in one sweater.

A selfie of my in the sweater standing in front of a dark teal wall.

I’m grateful that my sweater matches my walls so well, making the perfect backdrop for a selfie.

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