All coming together.

I remember being a teenager and feeling a profound loneliness. It was only for a short time, but it’s always been a strong memory so a few years ago when I saw a teen girl I knew from church post on facebook that she needed a friend, I messaged her and offered to get together for coffee.

We went out for fries instead and from there she started coming to my house every Monday evening to knit and chat with a group of my friends. Craft night.

Over the years we saw her grow up, excel in high school, graduate, get a dog, and eventually move to the other side of the country. (She still Skyped in sometimes on Mondays from her dorm room.)

Now all grown up, she is married and about to become a mother. When I shared that news with the Monday night ladies they immediately asked when I wanted squares.

For every baby born from craft night we knit squares and join them into a quilt-style blanket. My friend Becky first arranged one for me when I was pregnant and we have continued the tradition.

So the squares for this newest young mom have been coming in over the summer and I’ve been piecing them together.

At the beginning it’s always hard to see how they might fit into a cohesive design. Once I start picking up stitches and knitting bridges it gets real wonky and there’s always a moment mid-project that I’m afraid I’ve lost the plot and it’ll be a disaster. But in the end it always comes together.

I’m reaching that end stage now where the final product I see in my mind isn’t far off from what I have on my needles. I’m excited to finish it up and ship it.

It’s a good metaphor for life in general, and it’s particularly fitting for the stage of life I’m in right now. My house is torn apart because I’m slowly packing everything to move. My other house is torn apart as we prepare it to move into. The disparate pieces are starting to come together.

It always comes together in the end.

Brightly coloured Knitted squares lay on the floor beside a Rubbermaid bin.

The blanket in process, and bins of packing in progress.

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