Myasthenia metaphors – Flu Fatigue

You know how when you’ve been sick with a bad cold, or a stomach bug or the “flu” there’s a time where you think you’re getting better until you actually try to do something?

You’re bingeing Netflix and feeling fine and thinking that you’ll be ready to go back to work tomorrow and then you decide to get up and make yourself a tea. You walk to the kitchen and fill the kettle and get a head rush and a body slamming fatigue so you sit down while it boils.

The kettle clicks off, you’re feeling good, you get up to get a mug, a tea bag, pour the water, and wait. And you’re exhausted from the effort.

You shuffle back to the couch, settle in with your tea, blanket and Netflix and wonder how many more days it’ll take before you feel human.

This flu-like fatigue is sometimes the only symptom I have from my Myasthenia Gravis. No overwhelming weakness, my vision is fine, no body pain, just inexplicable exhaustion.

The kind of exhaustion that can’t be fixed. I slept until 11 am, stayed in bed until 1pm, moved to the couch and watched tv until 330pm, Uber’d to get my daughter from school and spent the evening alternating between doing a thing (like cutting up her food) and lying on the floor. Counting down the hours before it’s appropriate to crawl back into bed.

Thankfully it usually lasts only a day or two so I’m looking forward to a better tomorrow.

The upside of downtime is that I usually get a lot of knitting done. Also I should note that I wrote this post a while ago during a bad time. I’ve actually been great lately.

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