Knit Love

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen several in-progress shots of a very brightly coloured fair isle sweater.

The sweater as it arrived.

It’s my latest project from all that inherited incomplete knitting I got back in December.

It took me a while to figure out what to do with it. First I separated the back from the front and completed the body. The original knitter had clearly set it up for steeked armholes which is a much more efficient way to work this many colours but I’m not confident in my steeking abilities (especially with acrylic) so I decided on the less practical raglan shaping.

Then I tackled the sleeves. There was no way I’d be able to match the patterns she created in the body so I decided to not even attempt it. She had left a large ball of plain brown yarn so I used that.

I did want to inject some colour into the sleeves so I looked at what colours were already in the body that I could extricate and I realized that there was literally every colour of the rainbow present, so rainbows it would be.

I wanted the trim to match the sleeves so I removed the blue ribbing from the waistband and replaced it with brown. I added a neckband and was done.

All along I didn’t have a clear vision of what to do with it once I was done. I didn’t know who it had been intended for and I didn’t know who would wear it.

A couple weeks ago I finally reached out to the partner of the woman who all this knitting cane from. I gave him an update on some of the things I had finished. I told him what a fun project this has been for me and what I wonderful knitter his wife had been. I did not mention the multicoloured sweater.

Me modelling the finished sweater.

He emailed me back almost immediately and I learned some important things. First, her name was Penny. All this time I had been working with her needles, her yarn, and her ideas but I hadn’t known her name.

Second, he attached a photo of the past two Christmas gifts she had made him.

It was obvious who this wild sweater was for.

I sent it with my parents and within a week he had received it.

What a joy to be able to not only finish someone else’s work, but to be able to get it to the intended recipient. I firmly believe that knitting is love made tangible and I’m so glad that I was able to help, in a small way, to pass on Penny’s love.

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