I’ve added a new tool to my repertoire and I love it. (I’ve previously written about my breathing bag, my K-tape, and my Gatorade.)

Do I look like a pothead? Two minutes earlier a lady in the hotel elevator invited me to the Global Marijuana March downtown Toronto.

I’d been curious about medical marijuana for a long time but was unsure about whether to use it, and if so – how? I’ve never done drugs in my life. I’ve never been drunk. I’ve never even smoked a cigarette. So using marijuana, even medically, was intimidating.

Back in October I finally took the plunge. My neurologist referred me to a cannabis clinic (which was coincidentally right next door to my pharmacy) and I went to ask about CBD oil.

I’d read that CBD oil has the physical benefits of cannabis – relaxed muscles and pain relief – but doesn’t have any mental effects. It sounded perfect.

And it is! I love it! It comes in a little bottle and I draw some up in a syringe and put it under my tongue. It tastes like weed but not in a bad way and I don’t feel anything.

No side effects. No noticeable effects at all actually. I can’t even tell that I’ve taken it except..

except for the absence of pain, the easy movement of my body, and the restorative sleep I get. When I take CBD I have a good day. I feel almost normal.

It’s amazing.

So when I went back in March I refilled my prescription and got another for an oil that’s 50%CBD and 50%THC (that’s the stuff that gets you high.)

I’d found CBD to be particularly helpful with sleep. If I take it before bed it’s like it erases all the damage from the day. It supercharges my sleep and apparently THC is even better for that so I decided to try it.

I used it multiple times before bed. Sometimes I’d take it earlier in the evening and I never really felt any mental effects so it didn’t seem any different that the plain old CBD.

Until I took some in the afternoon. Since the two oils felt the same I figured I could use them somewhat interchangeably (as long as I wasn’t driving or going to work. That would be irresponsible.) I took a very small dose and then about an hour later my daughter and I walked to the library.

We talked on the way there, we checked out some books, she played on the computer and I chatted with the children’s librarian whom I know quite well.

And then it hit me.

I was fine listening to him but when I tried to speak all my words were mixing. I’d have one story in my mind and a different one would come out my mouth. I could tell I was being weird.

So I told him. I whispered “I just took CBD oil with THC and I think I’m a little bit stoned!” I explained that this was a first for me. Ever. And he thought it was hilarious.

Which it was.

But I won’t be taking THC except to sleep anymore.

I’m still grateful for that supercharged, deep, restorative sleep. After a couple of long days travelling for work I’ll appreciate that tonight.

Selfie at the library building after I was feeling normal again (it didn’t last long – like I said it was a really small dose).

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