Bring on the drugs

I’m not asserting that I have optimal health -I’m under no illusions – I just resent that the expected response to “which way are you headed?” is that I should be trying to leave medical interventions behind.

Back in the fall I had an intense burst of chiropractic care where I was seeing my Dr. a couple times a week for 6 weeks.

(Chiropractic care and massage therapy are an important part of the treatments that keep me moving and managing my pain and I’m very thankful that I have great care providers within walking distance of my house.)

Whenever I’d enter the exam room though, I’d see this poster and, I’ve gotta say, I don’t love it.

It summarizes an underlying tone that I often hear from people in the extended health care field. There’s this idea that medications and intrusive treatment are problematic. You see in this poster that they list taking medications and surgical intervention under poor health.

They equate taking multiple medications with poor quality of life.

For me taking multiple medications increases my quality of life.

I love my needles and my infusions and all my pills. They gave me my life back. I understand that they may have side effects and I may have consequences down the road, but I feel no need to try to wean myself off them.

I’ve written before about healthy privilege and I think this is one way that it manifests itself – good health is seen as free from medical interventions so if you require those interventions you’re perceived as not doing all that you can to get healthy.

The reality is that I work harder than the average person to be as healthy as I am. For people with healthy privilege their work involves exercise, diet, meditation, etc. Those elements are also part of my routines, but I require more than that. And there should be no shame associated with needing a little more help.

Bring on the drugs and the needles and the surgeries. They’re essential to have in my arsenal when fighting for good health.

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