Half circle

Over Christmas I inherited some unfinished knitting projects from a lady who passed away suddenly. I’ve been plodding along on a couple things (cute and tiny birds that I have yet to decide what to do with, but when I do I’ll show them off. Maybe a mobile for a baby’s room?) and have finally finished one that had me stymied for a bit.

It looked like a circular shawl, made up of short row sections. Each section got increasingly larger though so it would not have made a circle. And it was in baby yarn. Multi coloured baby yarn.

I asked Ravelry for help tracking down what pattern it might have been and though they had many good suggestions, none quite fit. We finally determined that it was likely an experiment designed by the knitter.

Now I don’t know what end result she was intending but I have several pregnant friends so I decided it would be a baby blanket.

Finishing part of this lady’s legacy of knitting projects? Check.

A gift for a tiny little girl coming in May? Check.

Less knitting for me? Check.

It seemed like the obvious choice.

So I followed the lady’s method and continued on. When I reached the point that it made a half circle I bound off, picked up stitched across the top, added a wavy border and there we have it.

It’s a bit unusual. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a baby blanket that shape but it’s the right size and texture and I really don’t think babies are all that picky.

It’ll tuck nicely into a stroller or car seat and the black and grey sections will give good visual contrast for a newborn to focus on.

It was fun to try to interpret someone else’s plan. You’ll see as I share more of her work that this woman was a talented and creative knitter. This was one of the simpler projects so I chose it first. We have very different styles so it will be a joy to learn from her as I go along.

Right now we still differ in our approach to colour choices but who knows, by the end of all this I may come around and see things her way.

We’ve been promised loads more snow from the weather forecasters but so far, this is it.

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