Unfinished business

Christmas has come and gone and I haven’t written in over a month. I was busy knitting, and crafting, and wrapping. (Also working.) Then I was travelling and visiting family. Now I’m home and unpacking.

Aside from the regular unpacking of gifts and dirty laundry, this year I have something else. A massive bag of yarn.

An acquaintance of a friend of my parents’ passed away unexpectedly recently and she was a knitter. She left behind a huge stash of yarn – more than she could have probably knitted in her life if she had lived another 20 years, and many, many unfinished projects. Her husband didn’t care what happened to all her yarn but hoped some of her projects could be finished and used by someone.

I took several of her projects and I’m going to try and finish them over the next year. Some came with paper printouts of the patterns, some are easy enough to read the knitting and some are more mysterious.

This will be a very interesting, as this woman was a very adventurous knitter and some of her unfinished objects are things I would never think to try. It’s fascinating trying to follow someone else’s thought process by following the clues left behind.

I’m starting with the simpler projects and working my way up. I seamed together a pair of slippers and stuffed some tiny birds (photos to follow once they have beaks) and am now trying to tackle this short row shawl (although it’s knitted in baby yarn so it could be a blanket?)

I can’t tell if this was from a known pattern or was this woman’s own invention so I’ll ask on Ravelry and trust that the hive mind of the internet can help me.

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