For Justin

Dear Mr Prime Minister,

I’ve noticed that you like to wear unique socks so I made these for you.

These socks are made from Canadian yarn and I chose these colours because they look like a Canadian forest in the fall, but there’s more to it than that.

I wanted to make socks that reflect your leadership style which you articulated well when you posted on Facebook “our different perspectives, our different backgrounds, and our different stories are all part of what make our communities and our country strong.”

The coloured sections in these socks represent the different people groups in Canada. Thank you for being a leader who makes it a priority to bring us together rather than create divisions.

You’ll notice that the two socks are not identical. This is to represent the ever changing social landscape of Canada. May you be encouraged to adapt as you continue to lead us.

Thank you for setting an example that I can be proud to show my young daughter.

Thank you for being kind.


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