Summer has come and gone, and usually that makes me a bit sad. I’ve always been a summer girl, loving the heat and the adventure.

Childhood summers were spent at camp, in the pool, in the fields, in the barns, making paper outside with my mom, playing with my siblings and neighbours, wild and free.

Early adulthood summers were spent working hard and playing hard. Multiple jobs in multiple cities, friends spread far and wide, driving everywhere all the time. Picking up shifts at my various jobs sporadically, carrying a veritable wardrobe in my trunk, spontaneously taking mini toad trips.

Then my years lost their rhythm. When there’s no school shifts in season are more subtle, less seismic. So summers were pleasant, long, slow. Camping, visiting family, making the most of long weekends, going to outdoor markets, walking downtown, but normal life continued parallel to the summertime fun.

Now there’s school in our lives again. Has been for 4 years, but during the first two I was sick and not working so having the summer break from school was a welcome relief to the loneliness and monotony of my long days on my own. Summer was a bright spot filled with so much togetherness. Play dates at the park, bus trips downtown, splash pads, movie days lying on the couch.

These past two summers, while I’m working and school is out have felt loud and bright and hot and chaotic. I can’t handle the heat with with my MG which makes me long for the cooler days of fall. And though I don’t have many set routines I do have regular rhythms to my life which I’m valuing more and more. Summer feels like taking a neatly stacked deck of cards and tossing it in the air. It’s fun while it lasts but it takes a while to pull it back together.

So I am appreciating September. Long quiet days at home again to slowly pick up all my cards. A bit of laundry, a bit of cleaning. Purging cupboards and closets, shopping for gaps in our wardrobes, reconnecting with local friends and resuming our regular rhythms. Catching up with our local librarians, getting back to our church community, being together as a family again.

Familiar and wonderful.

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