My brother is getting married at the end of the summer. I’m very excited about this for big important reasons (like the fact that his fiancée is amazing) but also because it’s a chance to shop with a purpose.

We’ve already found a flower girl dress for my daughter, and her first pair of high heel shoes. My outfit is a bit trickier. All my clothing is tricky.

When people hear about my Myasthenia Gravis and think about the issues it causes, fashion is probably not at the top of the list. Little do they know that getting dressed is one of the most frustrating parts of my day.

Dress shopping for this wedding is really bringing my clothing issues to the forefront and has made me articulate exactly what I need.

In order to breathe I need clothing that is loose around my rib cage, with no defined waist and made of stretchy fabric. It can’t require me to wear a bra. For that matter, it can’t have a defined bust area because since I’ve stopped wearing bras things have shifted. It can’t require shape wear or for me to suck in my stomach or keep good posture because that exhausts my back.

Basically I’m looking for an attractive sack but luckily this is the year of the sack dress so at least I have options.

Then I just need to make sure I go shopping on a day when I have enough arm strength to dress and undress several times in row.

In general, as I figure out what works and what doesn’t, I’m stripping down my closet which actually makes it much easier to get dressed. Fewer options that work are better than a multitude of things that are problematic.

In this case less really is more.

(And we haven’t even talked about shoes!)

Sneakers all. the. time.

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