All taped up

Unicorn hair and dragon scales may not be viable options for me but I have found some really helpful solutions. I’ve written before about how much Gatorade helps me with my Myasthenia Gravis and recently I found another tactic to boost my strength.

Kinesiology tape.

I kept seeing it show up in my Pinterest feed, boasting about how it can alleviate the pain of carrying a heavy pregnancy belly. It got be thinking that maybe it could provide support for my exhausted muscles as well.

I poked around online, analyzed where I had the most pain, watched some YouTube videos and headed out to Walmart to buy a roll of K-Tape.

I explained my theory to my husband, showed him a video tutorial and had him apply a giant black H on my mid/upper back.

I felt almost instant relief. The pinching pain between my shoulder blades was alleviated and I was able to spend much more time sitting or standing up. With tape I can make it through an entire workday without lying on the floor. I can attend more formal dinner functions without having to excise myself to go find a bench to lie on. I can stand up long enough to host events and lead training sessions at work.

A few weeks after discovering the power of the H, I was feeling some strain in my lower back and was on my way into a training class which would necessitate a lot of bending and moving around. I quickly explained to a coworker what I needed and went into class with a big X across my lower back. Pain gone. Mobility increased. Stamina extended.

I try not to use it too much so I don’t become dependent on it but the weeks I wear it (it lasts 4-7 days) are noticeably easier than the weeks without.

Now I’ve started buying different brands so I can compare their effectiveness and longevity. So far K-Tape lasts the longest but the Dollar Tree carries a brand of thinner tape which is great if I just need a temporary fix but don’t want to commit to an entire week.

It feels so good to have options and more importantly, to find solutions.

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