Spring has sprung

Two weekends ago we had a massive ice storm. All the school buses were cancelled on the Monday so I took my daughter to work with me and walked her over to school when it was time.

It was beautiful! The ice made tree branches hang low, and grass blades look like little fingers poking up from the earth. Signs glistened and hydro wires dropped long clear tubes to the ground when the wind blew. We stopped several time to take photos but couldn’t really capture the wonder of it.

This past weekend I walked into the mall and right into a massive display of flowers. The weather outside seemed to match. Saturday we went to an orchestra concert and a skating recital but Sunday was spent outside in the sunshine. The kids ran barefoot in the yard, we rode bikes to the park, the playground was packed with kids from school and we had a bbq outside for dinner. It was heavenly.

It was so good that I didn’t think to take a single photo. Hopefully we’ll have many more weekends like it.

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