🎵Love goes to you🎶

I’ve been lucky. Compared to many women I have had really easy periods. I don’t typically get many PMS symptoms and I don’t usually get cramps. Overall, my period is just a minor inconvenience.

Until Myasthenia Gravis. Now it’s like I get hit by a truck every month. Usually a week before my period starts I have about two days where my limbs feel like lead. Last week I was at McDonald’s and reaching up to grab a lid off the counter felt like pulling weights on a bicep machine at the gym. When I realized I’d grabbed the wrong size lid and had to try again I almost swore. I was already sweating from the exertion of the first time. That’s not normal for me. That’s PMS.

Those two days of weakness pass and things go back to normal until my actual period hits.

That was yesterday. My back was so sore and so weak I struggled to focus at work. I tried all my tricks. I took Aleve first thing in the morning (my new favourite pain killer), I stayed on top of my mestinon all day, I had a friend tape my back (I’ll write about how much I love my tape another time), I applied topical freezing painkiller on my back repeatedly throughout the day, I spent chunks of time lying in the floor of my office.

Nothing really worked. We stayed at my friends’ house when my daughter got off the school bus. She ran outside with the kids and I laid on their hardwood floor until my husband came and picked us up.

The only thing to do when my muscles get like that is to sleep. So this morning I slept in. I do this about once a week – my husband and daughter go off to work and school and I just sleep for as long as my body needs. (This is why I can only work part time.) Today I slept until 10:30 and when I woke up I was feeling down because of how physically difficult the previous day had been but also because I hate the feeling of not being able to keep up. I don’t like wasting my days in bed or on the couch.

I clicked my phone open and saw that I had a text waiting. I opened it and was glad to see an animated emoji text from my daughter. She had recorded it earlier in the morning, knowing it would be the first thing I saw upon waking.

It changed my mood immediately and set the tone for my entire day.

I moved slowly. I did enough tasks that I felt I was accomplishing something but I was careful to protect myself. Instead of feeling frustrated I felt loved and supported.

I am so blessed to have the husband and daughter that I have. Even rough days can be good days.

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