Sears closed all its stores in Canada recently so a friend and I went to check out their liquidation sales. We were browsing through some toys with our daughters when she called me over to see a doll that she claimed looked like me.

I don’t know what I was expecting but it sure wasn’t to see a miniature replica of myself. I was so amazed I almost bought the doll on the spot didn’t because I was a 34 year old woman who did not need to waste time on toys.

I went back to look at her again the next day. Again I talked myself out of buying her.

Then I remembered that a few years ago I bought the diabetes kit for American Girl dolls. It’s been hanging out on my Disney Princess Jasmine doll (I do love dolls!) but this would be even better. So I went back to Sears but they were all sold out.

A month later I was still thinking about that doll so I searched kijiji and found one brand new in the box.

She’s perfect. I set her around the house doing things I would do. I showed her to friends. I attached her insulin pump and strapped on her medic alert bracelet.

Then I found a matching outfit, took selfies, and showed them to everyone who might (or probably wouldn’t) care.

I put little knitted socks on her feet and bought her sunglasses so she can be just like me. And then I searched for a cane and came up empty handed. I could find crutches, wheelchairs, walkers, and even white canes for visual impairments but no cane to help with mobility.

My dad came to visit this weekend and one of the first things he did was to give me three little canes he had made as a surprise. He wasn’t sure which size would be best so he brought options.

My dad runs a Christmas tree farm. He took a few different kinds of wood and stripped them down. Then he boiled them so they’d be pliable and bent them slowly around nails in a board so they’d have a curved handle at the top.

I pulled an eraser out of a pencil and fastened it to the end of the stick and there it was. The perfect cane.

My dad saw the final result and he said what he has been telling me my whole life “du bist eine puppe.” (You are a doll.)

She makes me so happy.

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