Squares in squares

There’s a wave of babies happening here so I’ve been working on blankets, sweaters, and stuffies lately. Two blankets were wrapped up this weekend for coworkers’ upcoming May babies.

A few weeks ago I needed to travel for work so I threw four balls of chunky green marbled yarn in my suitcase and pulled out some knitting pattern books. I snapped a few quick photos of pages that interested me and set off.

If you knit, you’ll know the fear of running out of yarn. I think every travelling knitter throws in that extra ball (or two) just in case.

This time there actually was a just in case. Several actually. Delayed trains, slow busses and missed trains meant an impromptu sleepover on my brother’s couch, and a whole lot more knitting time than I had planned for. I ended up using pretty much all the yarn I had packed and when I came home I had most of a blanket done.

It was inspired by Entrelac – Babydecke from Geshenke aus dem Wollkorb but I didn’t feel like properly translating all the instructions, and I wanted a more traditional entrelac look so I changed it up, using instructions from How To Knit by Debbie Bliss.

These are a couple of my favourite knitting books. How To Knit has such simple instructions, and a just-enough-but-not-overwhelming stitch dictionary that I reach for it often. Geshenke Aus Den Wollkorbe was a souvenir I bought at the last minute as a colleague and I stopped in a small town book shop on our way to the Stuttgart airport 4 years ago. I have made several projects from this book but more often than not, I fudge things rather than do the hard work of precise translation. My knitting skills are much better than my German.

I had a small amount of that green yarn left over, and I found five balls of a chunky white wool blend yarn at a thrift store so I decided to mix the two and add in all the other green leftovers in my stash. I did not have a plan other than to knit squares and see what happened. A friend was watching me lay them out and suggested I go for two groupings and this is how it turned out.

I think it looks like pixels. Another friend said it looks like farm fields. Either way it’s squishy and warm. (Also very hard to lay flat for a photo.)

That’s two down. Three more to go. Stay tuned.

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