Red is Best

When I was a teenager my family took a day trip to an outlet mall in a barn. There was a little store on the second floor that sold cosmetics in discontinued colours and styles. I bought a red Revlon lipstick that was perfect. Deep and bright and long lasting.

And I still have it. But it smells weird and it’s thick and gross and I can’t wear it but I’ve been keeping it because it’s just. so. perfect.

Finally, yesterday, my daughter and I went to Shoppers Drugmart and tested it against every red lipstick they carried. The back of our hands were covered in little red dots and dashes by the time we found the one.

As we were eating dinner afterward took a selfie to check the colour and was delighted to see it matches the colour of my new hat.

Four years ago we went to Banff on holiday, as a last we-better-fly-somewhere-now-before-our-baby-turns-two-and-costs-money trip. It was pouring rain as I was shopping up and down the Main Street and I found the most amazing store. Jacques Cartier Clothier sells clothes and yarn made of quiviut, the fibre of the musk ox. It’s ludicrously beautiful, soft, warm, and expensive.

They have several variations of their yarns in different fibre blends. I bought one ball of the cheapest kind with the smallest percentage of quiviut fibre. It was $30 and it took me a year to settle on a use for it. I made a hat.

And it was the most amazing hat I have ever worn. It’s lightweight, warm, comfortable, and never gives me hat head. It is also frequently stolen by my daughter.

I was extolling its wonderful properties to my husband once and he took that information and ran with it.

I got a ball of 100% quiviut yarn last year for Christmas.

It costs $100.

They keep it under glass at the yarn store.

I always wondered what kind of ridiculous people spend that much money on one ball of yarn. Turns out the answer is loving husbands who need gifts ideas for their wives.

It sat on my shelf for a year while I planned.

And then it took two months because I knitted it nice and slowly on size 2 needles and enjoyed every minute.

And now I have a new hat.

And it is as perfect as I had hoped.

And I have about 40% of the ball left.

So now I need to scheme some more.

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