Warm hands

I used to have the most beautiful, warm, kickass knitted mittens that took me a year to make and had little birdies and Christmas trees and banners that said “let it snow” and were made of bunny fir yarn but then our car was stolen while we were on holiday and my mittens were in it and I lost them forever.

That was three years ago and I was so sad/mad about it that I couldn’t bring myself to make another pair until this winter.

So back in the late fall when the cold came I went through my yarn stash and pulled out some angora and some sock yarn, rifled through my old copies of Interweave Knits and settled on a plan. I made those mittens so quick, I popped them on my hands, and immediately thought ….

Oh. Those are Breanna mittens.

Breanna is one of my childhood best friends. I love her deeply and I just knew those mittens were meant for her.

So I prepared to cast on again. I used the same pattern, dug through my stash, pulled out leftover yarn from my husband’s cardigan and paired it with some cotton I dyed in the summer and made….

Wool-less mittens for my other childhood bestie Kris because she has sensitive skin. My knitting, like my love, for Bre and Kris is always equal.

And then I caught the stranded-knitting-Christmas-present bug and I made….

Socks for my grandma.

Since my grandpa passed away in the fall she says she has been colder at night so I thought angora and wool sleeping socks might help.

She has reported that they do.

And once my Christmas knitting was complete I went through my stash one more time, found a new pattern, and cast on again. A few tweaks and two months later I finally have …

Warm hands.

(Pattern is Deathflake.)

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