Part of my job is to teach a crisis intervention course to our employees. They all need to recertify their training every year or two so we run a lot of classes. I haven’t been able to train on my own since I’ve been back to work so even though I co-teach sometimes, I really am not in the classroom much.

But there’s one day each year that is my favourite. We run a class just for the staff at our largest location. Half the day is theory and half the day is physical practice. We spend more time on problem solving and we practise faster and harder than usual. It’s challenging and fun.

And today I got to be part of it for the first time since 2015. My legs were wobbly for the morning and I very briefly lost control of my mouth muscles while I was explaining something in the afternoon but overall I did well. I fully participated, I helped problem solve and I was useful.

I feel like today was my comeback.

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