Thrift Store Score

I want to start writing about things I love so that there’s more to this blog than whining about being sick. One of those things is thrift store shopping. It’s fun, cheap, socially responsible, and a great way to find unique items.

About a month ago I knew my husband’s work Christmas party was coming up and I needed something to wear. He offered to buy me a new dress but I declined, dug through my closet and found something suitable. I was all set.

Then one day I had ten minutes to kill before an appointment so I popped in to Value Village. I poked around in a few sections and was on my way out when I passed something that caught my eye. It was one of those convertible infinity dresses. I’ve been looking at them online for years because they’re intriguing – the bottom is a stretchy skirt and the top is two long strips of fabric. I’ve seen photos illustrating the seemingly endless ways that you can tie them to make unique looks.

I grabbed it, walked to the cash and bought it without even trying it on. It was $10.

And it was totally worth it.

I love thrift store shopping.

P.s Bonus – its Canadian made by a great company! When I googled, it sells for $170 online. 🤑

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