C’est l’halloween!

Living in Ottawa means hearing almost everything in English and in French and Halloween is no exception. My daughter has been reciting all the new vocabulary they’ve been learning at school and singing the same song we sang when I was young. C’est l’halloween!

We have recently introduced her to Avatar the Last Airbender (which is one of the best television shows I’ve ever seen) so she asked to be Katara the waterbender for Halloween. Of course! I bought a ladies 3XL nightdress and a white fuzzy baby blanket at the thrift store. I sized the dress down and added fur trim, used sculpey clay to made a necklace just like the one Katara received from her mother, and found blue pants (pajamas) and a white shirt for underneath. It was pretty simple but it was comfortable and warm which was important because Halloween was freezing this year! We went with the same group of friends we always do and it was lovely. A neighbour was passing out glasses of wine as he passed parents on the street and that helped cut the chill but we were all glad to get back inside to watch Charlie Brown.

My costume was much more last minute and my main priority was comfort. I was teenage Jasmine. I looked through my closets and drawers for anything I still had from the late 90s. Daisy overalls, high top converse sneakers, necklaces from old boyfriends, raver style bracelets, and a zig-zag part in my hair. Most people were underwhelmed but one coworker immediately recognized what I was doing. I walked in and he exclaimed “hey! You look so 1993!” I was going for 1997 but close enough.

Halloween is my daughter’s favourite holiday and I can see why. When else do kids get to dress up and run around the streets in the dark with their friends while getting free candy. It sure is an anomaly of a night.

And the sales the day after are one-of-a-kind as well!

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