When I was diagnosed with diabetes seventeen years ago the doctors gave me a “sick day plan”  to help me manage my sugars through a bad cold or flu. (Illness does weird things to your blood sugar and once you add in the drop in activity levels, and not being able to keep food down, it’s almost impossible to keep things level.) On my sick day plan it said to drink Gatorade so my mom stocked our pantry and made sure we always had at least two bottles, just in case.
And it helped. A lot. Gatorade had been my secret weapon for battling illness for years so when I started realizing that my IVIG treatments made me feel crappy, I ramped up my Gatorade consumption.
And it worked. IVIG stopped making me feel so sick. So then any time I was having a bad MG day I’d drink a Gatorade.
And it made things better. My body moved easier. My muscles ached less. So I wondered, what would happen if I drank Gatorade every single day? I decided to try it.
And it changed my life. My quality of life shot way up and since I started this I have maintained a much higher level of functioning than I’d had in the previous two years.
Oh my Gatorade. It’s amazing stuff.

5 thoughts on “OMG

  1. Joy Sanders says:

    I drink it every single day as well! I havenot ever known anyone else who does this. Like you, I have MG. I also have gastroparesis and pernicious anemia. Cheers to Gatorade!


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