Screaming Rainbows

I started this post a week ago and have come back to it many time but it stays in my draft folder because I’m not sure what I want to say. 

My grandpa died over four long slow days. My family gathered together for the funeral but I stayed home. It’s a far trip and there were so many people coming that when I gave my grandmother the option of having me come now or having me come visit in a month, she chose the latter.

 It will be a better visit and a support to her in her new life of widowhood, but I still felt odd about not being there now. 

My health has relapsed a bit and I’m not sure if it’s the emotions weighing on me that are to blame, or overdoing it at my job, or not drinking the right kind of Gatorade (more on that another time.)

I feel a bit fragile so I’m trying to take it easy, use my assistive devices, drink the right kind of Gatorade, and stay positive, screaming rainbows into the dark. 

My grandfather made a great impact on his community, and the world, for the better. 

    My grandmother was well supported by family and friends. The community rallied around her and came out in full force to remember the man they lost. 

      My friend with renal cancer had an appointment where the doctor said encouraging words like “prioritized,” “removal”,” and “curative.” As far as cancer goes, this is looking good. 

        My siblings who lost their baby were able to celebrate his potential and honour what little life he had. He was given a name and a ceremony and will be remembered. 

          Life goes on. And it is still good

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