Storms and rainbows 

We huddled in my husband’s company tent with the rest of his team as we waited out the storm which eventually cancelled the dragon boat festival they were racing in.

 The weather lately has been very undecided. We’ll have torrential rain, thunder and lightening, and then 15 minutes later it’ll be sunshine and rainbows. This will last all of an hour before it’s back to storming. 

I’ve been wanting to post for weeks but haven’t because I feel similarly undecided. Some days I’m ready to write about how hard life is, how I’m struggling with being back at work, and how I feel like I’m failing in every aspect of my life. But then for whatever reason, i procrastinate and think “oh, I’ll write tomorrow.”  

Then I wake up the next day and feel strong, resilient, motivated and like I finally have control of my life again. 

And so I don’t know what to write because both are true.

But for now I’m feeling optimistic. Last weekend was Canada day and I debated playing “the sick card” and staying home but I didn’t want to miss out on the family time so I trudged downtown with my family and in-laws. I brought my walker and was diligent with my medications and I made it through the entire day without incident. 

Since then I have felt more and more like a “normal” person. Until I went swimming Friday evening and played a little too hard with the kids. But it was worth it. 

Storms and rainbows come together and the good makes the bad worth while. 

After watching my husband’s ball team play an entire game in the rain we were thrilled to see a double rainbow (which then turned into a triple rainbow!)

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