The Pace of Life 

This is part of a series of posts about Silver Linings. There are a lot of shitty things about chronic illness, but there are some hidden surprises that are actually quite good. These are the good things. 

Each person has a default speed at which they move through their days and through life. Physically, emotionally, developmentally, we all move at our own pace. Often we are in sync with the people around us but sometimes we are out of step. 

I used to get frustrated with the slowness of my daughter, a small child. I would hurry her along, prompting her to “keep up.”  I still do sometimes but yesterday I was so glad of her slowness. I had spent the morning running errands with a friend and it was painful to try to keep up. Our normal pace was just too much for me – I was struggling to catch my breath and my legs were burning as we walked through Walmart. When I picked my daughter up at the end of the day and we walked home from school it was a relief to be able to walk side by side comfortably a companion and not have to ask them to slow for me. 

Having MG means I physically move slower. My pace of walking is slower, I take more breaks, I need more rest. 

And you know what? It’s perfect. Because now my daughter and I are in sync. We may be moving through our days at a snail’s pace sometimes but we are together. 

And that’s what matters. 

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