I have one more post of thoughts on death in progress but it’s march break and we’ve been busy. 

 The highlight of the week was a trip to the nature museum.  The initial plan was a quiet mum and daughter day, just the two of us, but it turned into an impromptu multi family play date and it was just perfect.  The mums chatted while the kids completed a scavenger hunt, played leapfrog, and protected each other from dinosaurs. 

Just as the kids are enjoying an intermission from school, the whole city enjoyed a reprieve from winter for a week or so as we had a touch of spring but now winter is back in full force. Temperatures are staying near -20 and the snow is piled higher than the vehicles in many places. We saw a man shovelling off the roof of his home yesterday. 

And so as an intermission from all the bright white desolation in this long, long winter I dyed some cotton yarn into a gradient of green. 

Hopefully soon we’ll be seeing these same colours all around us.  

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