Me in Frederick Banting’s apothecary. Bitter: I have to take insulin to live. Sweet: I get to take insulin and live!

I was sitting on a bench at the waterpark today, waiting for my family to come crashing down in a spray of water, and I realized that I feel unfocused and scattered in my thoughts and in this blog. I started asking myself questions to try and discern a direction. 

What’s my thing? Knitting? Parenting? Chronic illness? Well, all of the above. So then, what’s my take on it all? What am I trying to say? What’s my message? 

I’m savouring the bittersweetness of life. 

That’s my take on it. My message. Life is both bitter and sweet and my approach is to fully savour both flavours. I used to try to gloss over the bitter moments to make it more palatable for myself and others around me but that does a disservice to the sweet moments. Without sweetness in life I would not recognize the bitter, but without bitterness I would not appreciate the sweet. 

Life sucks. And it’s wonderful. Both, fully and completely. And I want to recognize and appreciate all of it. I’m savouring the bittersweetness of life. 

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