Today is my daughter’s fifth birthday so on Sunday we threw a Nintendo themed party for her. She’s a gamer and that’s the theme she chose. Thanks to my wonderful parents in law being willing participants of my crafting assembly line we were able to go overboard on the decorations and really create an immersive environment. It wasn’t until we were almost finished that I looked up and saw the rows and rows of ghosts suspended from the ceiling and realized this looked very much like a Halloween party. All the decorations were characters from Nintendo games, but they were all bad guys. 

In the end it mattered not at all. The kids had great fun, the adults got to watch them have fun and we even got to relax a bit. It was busy (19 people in our small house!) but a success. 

Today I am fighting my own baddies. Clumsy hands, weak legs, a neck that doesn’t want to hold my head up, fatigue, difficulty breathing, speaking and chewing. I spent the day alternating between trying to accomplish things (we catch a train first thing in the morning for a week away) and lying on the couch unable to move. But just like the party, in the end it all worked out. My in-laws saved the party and now my brother is visiting so while he entertained my daughter I was able to accomplish what I needed to. 

Hooray for good guys. 

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