We’re on vacation this week so this is just a quick post from my phone while I wait for my girl to fall asleep. This is the magic moment of the day that I love. 

When I set up my blog I wrote a tiny intro to myself, “mum, wife, knitted, diabetic, myasthenic”. Last week I submitted a story to The Mighty website and when they asked for an intro for my profile I typed up the same thing. Almost. I added a word – Canadian. Canadian mum, wife, knitter, diabetic, myasthenic. All parts of my identity but I’d forgotten one. I love being Canadian. I love the rock cuts we drive though when in northern Ontario. I love hearing French as I shop downtown Ottawa.  I love seeing people carting mats throughout the city after they attend yoga on the parliament hill lawn every Wednesday in the summer. I love how the parliament lawn becomes like Canada’s living room where everyone gathers for celebrations and relaxation. I love that we have ocean on three sides of the country and mountains in several places. I love the various dialects and the wide diversity in Canadian food. I love poutine. I love that we have freedom of speech, freedom to practise religion as we choose (or not), freedom to work, travel, and vote. I love how well our Prime Minister does with Facebook and social media and I love how everyone seems to agree that he’s more of a Justin than a Mr. Trudeau. And I love our health care system. 

I freakin love it.  It keeps me alive and I will never complain about it. I know there are flaws in every system but it hasn’t failed me yet and I’m so grateful. 

Happy Canada day to anyone reading out there. 

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