Knit love *

  Stitch, breathe, stitch, pray, stitch, think, stitch, pause, stitch…stitch…stitch…stitch…sleeve! 

I knit. A lot. When I was working I would knit an average of 3 hours a day.  Now that I’m off work some days it’s quite a bit more.  (And some days not at all, depending on how well my arms and hands are working.)

I love that knitting allows me to be productive when I would otherwise be idle. Waiting rooms, meetings, bus commutes, and movie nights are all great opportunities to get some stitches in. And I love that knitting allows me to produce items that are useful, beautiful, comfortable, and thoughtful.  It’s so satisfying to give a knitted gift because it’s an item but it’s also a statement of time and investment and energy. It’s a tangible way to show someone that they matter. 

* if ever I wereto get knuckle tattoos, this would be my chosen statement. Maybe someday. Probably not. 

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