Here it goes – a shout into the void. Or maybe a whisper against a wall. We’ll see what happens but there are so many thoughts in my head that I just want to get out. Like Dumbledore and his pensive. 

When I was 16 my pharmacist, who I got to know quite well in the following years, handed me a yellow prescription bottle with a label that read “in the event of hypoglycaemia take 8-10 jelly beans. Wait 15 minutes, test glucose, repeat if necessary.”  He explained that as a newly diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic I would have to carry fast acting sugar with me at all times, and as a teenager it might be difficult to guard against my friends eating all my “medicine” as candy. Hence the prescription bottle. 

That sums up my life I think. The sweet mingles with the pain and becomes a unique experience. Jelly beans have a distinct purpose in my life. As I shake, sweat, battle brain fog, and blurry vision, I chew and swallow as quickly as I can, briefly appreciating their flavour but significantly appreciating their ability to keep me safe. 

My life has challenges as everyone’s does but there are many sweet spots as well.  I want to capture that here. Maybe I’ll be on my own and that’s alright.  This will still be a worthwhile exercise.  But if you want to follow along you’re welcome and I would love if you say hello.  

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